Columbia County Emergency Management

Columbia County Emergency Management is the chief responsible agency under Oregon Revised Statutes 401 for coordinating emergency preparedness, response and recovery throughout Columbia County. Emergency Management is about being a good steward of resources and making sure we work toward being prepared for whatever comes our way. Major emergencies such as earthquakes and floods require a LOT of planning, training and equipping in order to even begin assisting folks who may be affected, whether that be public agencies or private citizens. Having had five presidentially-declared disasters from 2000-2010, it is even more important to be ready!

We appreciate you taking the time to explore our portion of the Columbia County website. We encourage you to check out our blog, Twitter and Facebook for more about us and events going on around our area. Most importantly, We hope you will take the time to prepare by having a preparedness kit and a plan at your home and place of business. A good place to start on these would be . Please feel free to contact us:

Phone: 503-366-3931




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